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When looking to purchase your custom screen print screen and related supplies, you need to have 100% confidence in the manufacturer you use. From silk screens to squeegees, and discharge inks to spray adhesives, Holden’s is committed to showing quality and integrity in everything we do.

With decades of industry experience, along with our state-of-the-art screen-making facility here in New York, we know more than a thing or two about pre-burned screens and screen printing supplies. Our experience and expertise are combined with a passion for what we do to create innovative screen printing products that are guaranteed to deliver results.

Better yet, we don’t just understand screen printing. Here at Holden's, we understand you. You might not have in-depth knowledge, especially if you are a new enthusiast or hobbyist. Whether you have a clear vision of what supplies are required or need a helping hand selecting the best products for your intended activities and budget, we’re here to help.

Your Supplies, Your Way

When building a screen printing setup for the home or business, one of the key factors for success is to ensure that it feels tailored to you. Even the best quality products are no good if they don’t do what you want them to. Whether it’s choosing between wood frames and metal frames or plastisol inks and discharge inks doesn’t matter, the crucial thing is that the decisions are made exclusively with your needs in mind.

Are you looking to print onto a few t-shirts or hoping to incorporate other items like tote bags too? How frequently will you use the equipment? And are your designs for an upcoming event, for personal style, or to create a merchandise line? These are just some of the questions that our experienced team can help you answer to determine the best silk screens and inks for your needs. When you find the best supplies, you’ll get far more out of your print screen activities, which also means repeat business for us too. Perfect!

That’s why we are fully committed to helping you find the most suitable products for your specific needs. When combined with our guaranteed quality and value for money, it’s no wonder that people choose our screen printing frames, inks, and openers time and time again.

All Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment Under One Roof

Whether you're an industry vet or just getting started on some DIY printing, find all your equipment and screen printing supplies here at Holden's. 

You can additionally learn everything you need to know about silk screen printing from our website. Understanding the process from beginning to end will help you decide on the printing supplies and equipment you'll need. 

Every product you could possibly need can be found here - including aluminum frames and wood frames, screen printing mesh, and all your ink supplies with every color from white plastisol ink to black plastisol ink. You can even find fluorescent inks for those fun projects! When you've got that screen mesh laid out, you're ready to begin transfer direct to garment with one of our heat transfer presses. 

There are also some great innovations in the field that allow the creation of special effects using other types of ink tools. We've got all your wood screen printing (or aluminum) equipment here, for screen printers of every skill level.


Don't forget to leave yourself ready to start your next project with a clean workspace. Cleaning the screen printing machine with all its parts is easy when you have an emulsion remover or ink cleaners. So don't forget to grab spot removers when filling your cart along with your washout booth.

Order Your Pre Burned Screens and Screen Printing Supplies Now

You can find our extensive range of products via this website and gain inspiration from browsing the various category pages. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to one of our advisors, contact us now.

Our professional quality and reliable screen printing supplies and products can be delivered to your home or business within days. If you’re an international customer, we can arrange overseas deliveries too.