Caring for your silkscreen, some quick facts

Posted by Jeffrey Gononsky on

Caring for your Silkscreen (quick facts)

General Guidlines

  • Do not use a power washer to clean your inks
  • Do not soak your silkscreen in water
  • Use cold water to cleanup your silkscreen
  • Store your silkscreen in a cool dry location

Water Based Silkscreens

  • Don’t let your water-based ink dry in the screen
  • Use cold water to clean up your inks
  • Can be used to print Plastisol ink
  • Mineral spirits can be used as a cleanup
  • Do not use a citrus based ink cleaner
Plastisol Silkscreens
  • Can be used for short run water-based printing
  • Screen opener is for on press clog removal only
  • Do not use screen opener to clean up your screen
  • For ink degradients, do not use a pressure washer
Solvent Silkscreens
  • For use with solvent based screen printing inks
  • Not recommended for water-based inks
  • For use with acetone, butyl carbitol, butyl cellosolve, MEK, MIBK, Xylol, Toluol, Varsol, and similarly harsh solvents.