The Different Types of Squeegees For Screen Printing

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The Different Types of Squeegees for Screen Printing

During screen printing, a squeegee is utilized to push the ink through a mesh screen. It is, therefore, one of the most important tools you need to use during the screen printing process. 

However, you can purchase different types of screen printing squeegees, which may make you feel a bit overwhelmed and like you do not know where to begin. There is no need to worry, though, as we will explain the options available so you can get a better understanding.

The Differences Between The Squeegees Available Today

You need to consider several different choices when you are looking for squeegees for screen printing. You will want to think about the sort of ink you will be using, from glitter screenprint ink to plastisol ink, as this will help you determine which squeegee is best.

You can also purchase standard squeegees, or you can get eco-friendly models that have been designed with the environment and sustainability in mind. 

How Many Layers Does A Squeegee Have?

You can get single-layer rubbers or triple-layer rubbers, for example. As the name indicates, a triple layer squeegee will have three layers. This tends to be used when you’re dealing with more detail, which is what a lot of businesses require when dealing with high-speed bulk print orders. 

The Rigidity of The Squeegee

When shopping for squeegees for screen printing, one of the most important things to consider is the hardness or softness of the product, which is measured in durometers. How hard the squeegee is will determine how much ink you need to push through the mesh. 

The durometer has a significant role in generating durable prints and sharp designs, depending on the sort of design you are printing. 

The best durometer for your squeegee depends on how much ink you need to deposit for the design. If there is fine detail, for example, you will need a durometer between 80 and 90, which is perfect for pushing a lower amount of ink through the mesh and not creating a smudge. 

You can tell whether a squeegee is soft or hard by its color. For example, a red soft single layer squeegee has a durometer of 65. In contrast, a blue soft single layer squeegee has a durometer of 85, and a green soft single layer squeegee has a durometer of 75.

Get Printing With The Right Squeegee For Your Needs

The more screen printing you do, the more squeegees you will need. The variety you will want depends on the different designs you are working with, as well as the ink you need.