Holden 206 DC Diazo Dual Cure Photo Emulsion

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Holden's 206 DC  is a dual cure diazo photo emulsion. A dual cure emulsion is one that is both water and oil resistant and can be used for printing with water phase inks as well as oil phase inks.

From the product label:


Photo Emulsion 206DC is a high solids content dual cure photo emulsion, with exceptional fine line detail and durability in long runs. It is both water and solvent resistant. It may be used with any mesh and is reclaimable.

INSTRUCTIONS: Dissolve sensitizer powder in a small jar with cold water. Mix dissolved powder into the emulsion. Stir slowly with a wood or glass paddle. Allow any bubbles to disperse.  The mixture now has a shelf life of 4-6 weeks. Develop screens with cold water.

Keep in a dark place. Store in a cool dry place. Protect from freezing.

Does not contain chrome. Ecologically sound.