AquaPaque® Blockout K

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AquaPaque® Blockout K is used as a base for concentrated screen printiable pigments to facilitate printing on dark backgrounds. It is used in the same manner as the AquaBrite® Extender is used.
From the product label:

Aquapaque® Blockout K is a ready to use opaque medium for the mixing of concentrated water-based textile pigments. Appropriate mixing ratios of concentrated pigment to extender are between 5%-10%.

AquaPaque® Blockout K will allow you to print on dark backgrounds. It may also be mixed into ready to use textile screen printing inks to increase opacity. They should be heat set at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You may let the printed garments dry at room temperature and then iron from the reverse side, or use a tumble dryer at the highest heat setting. Screens made with Holden’s Emulsion 250 are recommended.