Plastisol Inks

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Holden's Plastisol Screen Printing Ink.

Plastisols are screen printing inks that require curing at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The colors will remain wet (will not dry) unless cured at the recommended temperature, preferably with a flash cure, or conveyor dryer. You may use meshes between 60 and 110 for optimal coverage. Glitters generally require a 60 mesh count, while metallics require 110 mesh counts. To achieve a softer look and feel, use Soft Hand Base/Clear as well as higher mesh counts can be utilized. Holden’s Plastisol Reducer 1200S helps cream out very thick inks such as White, to allow for easier printing. Recommended for use with Holden’s photo emulsions 250, 206, 206DC, T-1000, or T-2000.