1 Reason to use a Screen Printing Kit

Publicado por Jeffrey Gononsky en

A question we never get, is why should I buy a screen printing kit.  But we have numerous customers who contact us after they've purchased their first screen printing kit. 

So the question asked, and generally answered,  is "Give me 1 reason to use a Screen Printing Kit.

Now that you've had your chance screen printing using the components in your screen printing kit, you realize that you don't actually use, or need everything in your screen printing kit. 

So what does this mean?  I made a silkscreen, and successfully screen printed. Am I incompetent, inept, or just a genius. 

You've  watched numerous videos, and you soon realize everyone has a unique technique to their screen printing process.  The use of a screen printing kit gives you the basic tools to get started, and helps weed out the tools you don't require.

Ask 10 screen printers how to screen print, and you will most likely get at least ten answers.

Why should I use my screen printing kit?

ANSWER:  Use your screen printing kit to create your own answer, and develop your own technique, with the right ensemble, and palette of screen printing supplies.