Discharge System


To discharge color from fabric or clothing by creating a design or pattern with “discharge” chemicals, simply means “removing color” from fabric or clothing to create that pattern.

A. Pigment Solution:

The Holden’s Discharge System is designed as a 2-part system requiring 100% of the Discharge Base and 10% of the Discharge Activator. To achieve maximum discharge effect, the printed garment should be cured at 300°F for 3-5 minutes. The print should be cured very soon after being printed. The shelf life of the Holden’s Discharge System once the 2 components are combined for printing is 8 hours.

The Holden’s Discharge System can be printed unpigmented to discharge the underlying garment color, or it can be mixed with concentrated pigment to burnout the and replace with color. Concentrated pigment can be added at a ratio of 10% pigment to the discharge base. Discharging with pigment solves the problem of printing on dark fabrics.

B. Modifiers:

Discharge Activator: Used to activate the Discharge Base, which will remove the color from the fabric
Propylene Glycol: Used to slow drying time in the screen mesh
Clean-up: Cold Water


Coverage: 100 to 150 sq. ft. per gallon, depending upon fabric
Drying Time: Touch dry in 20 min. (wash fast when set at 300°F)
Screen Fabric: 6xx to14xx multifilament /80 to 140 monofilament polyester
Screen Coating: Direct emulsion — Holden's 250 or Holden's One Way T-1000
Squeegee: Medium durometer plastic or rubber


Always pretest before production.
If in doubt, or for further information, call our technical department