Silkscreen frame size selection guidelines

Publicado por Jeffrey Gononsky en

So you have an image you would like to place and burn into a silkscreen.  How do you determine the correct size for your art, as well as selecting the appropriate silkscreen frame size to support your artwork.

Below is a chart that will help you determine the frame size you can select based on your image size.  We made these calculations based on the interior dimension of your silkscreen frame, allowing for 3" around your design so you can pull your ink with your squeegee, and still have a comfortable border. 

Frame Size (outer dimension) Frame Size (inner dimension) Max Recommended Image Size
8x10 6x8 3x4
10x14 8x12 4x8
12x12 10x10 5x5
12x16 10x14 7x9
14x14 12x12 8x7
18x20 15x17 11x12
21x21 18x18 14x13
20x24 17x21 13x16
21x27 18x24 14x19
23x31 19x27 15x21
28x28 24x24 18x18
25x36 21x32 18x24
30x40 25x36 21x28
36x48 31x43 25x36
36x36 32x32 26x26
40x54 35x49 30x40
64x46 41x59 36x50
72x48 66x42 56x38