As any Brooklyn resident knows, the borough is filled with beautiful art. From the iconic graffiti of the Bushwick Collective to the murals of Coney Island, there is no shortage of artistic expression in the borough. One popular choice for artists is silk screen printing in Brooklyn. Silk screen printing allows for a high level of detail and precision, making it ideal for complex designs. In addition, the process is relatively quick and easy, making it a popular choice for busy artists. And because silk screens can be reused, it is also a more environmentally-friendly option than other printing methods. As a result, screen printing in Brooklyn has become a popular choice for New York artists looking to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Supplies and Tools Needed for Screen Printing

Screen printing in New York is a popular method to create everything from t-shirts to posters. The basic supplies for screen printing include a screen, ink, and a squeegee. Once you have these supplies, you will also need a dark room, a light box, and film positives. You will need to purchase fabric screens and emulsion to print on fabric. Finally, you will need basic tools like scissors, tape, and a utility knife. With these supplies and tools, you can create high-quality prints.

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For those looking for something extra special, we also offer a wide selection of special ink tools that can be used to create unique effects. We know you'll find everything you need to take your screen printing in Brooklyn to the next level!

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